Motiv is a Proud Sponsor of Blue Scholars Initiative: 8 Days of World Ocean

Toby Prince
2 min readJun 1, 2021

[MIAMI, FLORIDA, June 1, 2021] — Motiv Solutions (Motiv) will sponsor the Blue Scholars Initiative: 8 Days of World Oceans; starting on June 1st, 2021. During this event, Blue Scholars will be simulcasting around the globe each day — highlighting the various and challenging issues the world’s seven oceans face and what people are doing to solve them. For this event, Motiv will be sponsoring the Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean).

“Through our World Oceans campaign, Blue Scholars Initiative is working to connect with and educate a global audience around the issues related to the health of our ocean,” says Adam Steckley, Managing Director of Blue Scholar Initiative. “Sponsor support, like that from Motiv, enables us the opportunity to build the campaign framework, partner with global NGOs and develop the content to reach a worldwide audience through the various digital platforms.”

“One of the most unifying characteristics our team shares is that we care and are passionate about certain causes and issues,” says Tim Brigham, CEO of Motiv Solutions. “It is important that Motiv recognizes and invests in these endeavors on behalf of our employees in a genuine and meaningful way. We encourage everyone at Motiv to seek and identify worthy causes and real passions, like Blue Scholars, especially at the grassroots level.”

For more information on 8 Days of World Oceans, please visit:

Sign the petition to protect Antarctica:


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About Blue Scholars Initiative

Blue Scholars Initiative is tasked with fostering ocean stewardship through Biscayne Bay connections. Educating youth and community members about our connection to not only the watershed and bay, but also to the World Ocean is the driving force behind our global awareness campaign broadcasting from an ocean near you.